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Dream Clients
If That's You... I Will PERSONALLY Work With You One-On-One To Help You Achieve The Happiness, The Inner Peace And The Bank Account You Desire In The Next 12 Months.
Ultimate Kapow Is The Only Coaching Program You'll Ever Want To Be A Part Of
Connection, Authenticity, Positivity, Ownership, Wealth
Mike Shreeve
Lauren Golden
Karlyn Williams
Todd Woods
Levi McPherson
Brendan Lowe
If This Page Is Online Right Now, It Means That There Is Space In Ultimate Kapow. This Is Your Small Window Of Opportunity To Work Directly With The Queen Of Kapow And Her Amazing Team To 10x Your Business and Life!
Listen To Garrett's Take On Liz Benny...
Garrett J White -  CEO Of Wake Up Warrior
Lauren Golden
"I have exceeded goals I didn't think I'd achieve in my lifetime. Liz Benny you have changed my life in every way. Thank you!"
Ultimate Kapow Is For Entrepreneurs who:
... Want To Connect With Uplifting Vibrant Entrepreneurs In A New Community.
... Want To Make Money Doing Something Authentic To Them! 
... Are Positive. Negative Victim-Like People Are Not Accepted Into The Program!
... Are Willing To Do The Work Required To Create Results. We Coach. You Do. 
... Want Wealth And Who Realise Wealth Is More Than Just Money In The Bank...
Russell Brunson - CEO Clickfunnels
"If You Get The Chance To Work With Liz, You Should Do It! 

Don't Even Think About It! 
Just Do It!"

Russell Brunson
"Liz Benny has been instrumental to my success. I made a huge commitment to my success and it wouldn't have been possible without the coaching of Liz Benny"
Jeff J Hunter - 9010 Life
Are You Ready To Take Your Life and Business To the Next Level...?
If You Get Accepted Into Ultimate Kapow, We Expect You To Be An Action Taker. This Is Briefly What The Pathway Will Look Like During Your Year In The Program. 
You'll craft out Your Offer and Know How Exactly To Sell it! $$$
You'll Learn How To Optimize Your Offer So It's Not A Leaky Boat
You'll Learn Systems To Allow Your Business To Run On Autopilot
You'll Learn To Balance Personal Life With Business Life Seamlessly
You'll Learn To Hire Your Dream Team To Ensure That You Don't Lose Yourself In The Process Of Chasing Money
"Hiring Liz Benny was single-handedly the best decision that I made in my entire life"
Jeff J Hunter
"I honestly Don't Know What My Life Would Be Like If Our Paths Didn't Cross!"
Kate Bartz
"I have never seen someone Care so much about her students results as Liz"
Bryan Crawford
Liz Benny, Founder of Ultimate  Kapow, Is Prepped And Ready To IMPACT Your Business AND Your Life!
  • Liz Benny started her first company over ten years ago, whilst working full time as a Student Resident Manager for The University of Wollongong in Australia.  
  • Years later, Liz is now rocking life out as CEO of both her life, and her businesses. She's sold millions of dollars from live from webinars having started her journey from very humble beginnings. 
  • For over 10 years now Liz's entrepreneurialism has meant that she's started and scaled many online businesses. 
  • Owns A Social Media Management and training Company, Jinga Social
  • Owns A Social Media Manager Training Course - Social Monkey Business
  • Owns An Instagram Training Course - Insta Social Secrets
  • Author of "How To Live A KAPOW Life"
  • One Of The Lead Speakers At ClickFunnels LIVE Event
  • Has helped over a thousand entrepreneurs live life on their terms with their online businesses
  • Is World Renowned As the Queen of KAPOW!
  • Loves playing life FULL OUT and IMPACTING LIVES
Ultimate Kapow Is NOT For everyone. You Must Be An Entrepreneur With Knowledge Ready To Be put Into an Online Program In Order To Be Accepted.

Everyone In Ultimate Kapow Is Expected To  Connect With others in The program,
 Be Themselves, Be Positive, Take Massive Action and... To Desire a Wealthy Life Full of Health, Laughter and Abundance. 

Before Applying Ask yourself: "Am I ready To work with Liz And Her Team To get My Online Program Launched and selling Globally?"
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